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At Replay we believe that making great denim shouldn't cost the earth. The evolution of production and manufacturing processes means that over the years the fashion cycle went from being circular to being linear, favouring mass-produced, single use styles over well-made staples to last through the seasons.


When we design and craft our denim pieces, one of our key points of focus is using materials and production methods that are ethically made and sourced, low-impact and, where possible, help to narrow the gap in the fashion cycle. Our 'Try once, Replay for life' motto isn't just a clever tagline; it's our way of life, to design and craft jeans that you can live and look good in for decades to come without impacting the environment.


We LOVE recycling, especially when it comes to fabrics. During a typical production and manufacturing process, fabric scraps often end up in landfill. A great way of reducing the amount of scraps left on the cutting room floor is to break them down and turn them back into usable fibres. 

Another common recycled fabric is rPET, or recycled polyester, which is made from post-consumer plastics or industrial waste like old poly fabrics, ocean waste, and drink bottles.

Using either and/or both of these recycled fabrics is just one of the ways we aim to reduce negative environment impacts through fashion. Our Re-Used range of denim is made using both recycled cotton and rPET fabric.

Replay sustainabilityReplay sustainability
Replay sustainabilityReplay sustainability


Cotton is one of the most common and useful fabrics in the world, used to make everything from bed linens to towels and the clothes on our backs. But cotton production can have some nasty impacts on the environment; known as the "thirsty crop", cotton can often require as much as 1,900 litres of water per kilo, which is a huge amount of water to waste, while pesticide use often contaminates local communities where the crop is grown.

Organically grown cotton, on the other hand, is grown without pesticides from seeds that have not been genetically modified, and overall preserves agricultural lands by using fewer resources.

You can find our organic cotton used on our Hyperflex denim and many of our cotton fleece styles.

At Replay, we understand that denim is more than just a fabric - it's made for living in, and we've designed our jeans, denim jackets, shorts, skirts and shirts with that philosophy in mind; that the right denim can transform your wardrobe, your style and your life.

We live by a simple ethos, that denim can and should be a staple item in every wardrobe, one that not only makes you feel good but does good for our communities. From our luxury fabrics like the super stretchy Hyperflex and X.L.I.T.E. denim to our eco-conscious Re-Used range of recycled denim, Replay jeans are all crafted using organically grown non-GMO cotton, low-impact production methods and chemical-free treatments to help reduce our impact on the earth. Want to know more about our different styles and fits? Discover our most popular styles for both men and women, or visit our fit guide to find the right pair for you. After something to go with your new jeans? Browse our latest arrivals including men's shirts, women's tops, accessories and more.