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Replay Blog: Garment DyedReplay Blog: Garment Dyed


If you’ve browsed through our selection of men’s and women’s clothing you may have seen the phrase ‘garment-dyed’ on some of our cotton and denim pieces. Far from being just a fancy industry phrase, garment dyeing refers to the specific dyeing process used during manufacturing.

Curious about how and why we use this process? Read on to learn about the different dyeing techniques, what they do and when to use them.

Replay denim care guideReplay denim care guide


There are 2 main dye techniques used when designing and making clothes: piece dyeing and garment dyeing.

Typically, fabrics were woven and dyed by the roll before being cut and sewn to make clothing. This process is called piece dyeing! This technique is still common for cotton fibre and dark colour fabrics because it allows the colour more time to set before it’s cut into smaller pieces.

Garment dyeing, on the other hand, refers to the process of colouring fabric after it’s already been cut and sewn into a finished garment. The process of garment dyeing can be used on cotton fibres but is a popular choice for knit fabrics.


Like anything, these techniques have both pros and cons to consider.

Garment dyed pieces are very soft and smooth to the touch, and generally shrink much less, if at all, when put through the wash. The colour coverage of a garment dyed item can vary slightly, often leading to a slightly faded, vintage look.

Piece dyed garments, while offering a more rich and bold colour profile at first, may lose dye faster and experience shrinkage when put through the wash. From a manufacturing perspective, piece dyeing is a time-saver for businesses making the same design in multiple colourways.

Replay denim care guideReplay denim care guide

At Replay, we use a garment dyeing process on a number of our menswear and womenswear styles, in particular our organic fleece sweats, cargo pants, men’s joggers, and more. Through garment dyeing, we can achieve a stylish, on-trend vintage look with less effort, while still providing you with clothes that are comfortable and made to last.

Discover the latest in unique vintage styling for both men and women online now at Replay. Shop from our wide variety of casual, everyday styles crafted with our brand ethos of sustainability and quality at the forefront of our mind. Try once, Replay for life.