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Replay Blog: Denim Care GuideReplay Blog: Denim Care Guide


Denim - it's a wardrobe staple for men and women. Black, blue, stretch, rigid, thrashed or rip-free, jeans have gone from a factory uniform to a fashion forward essential, capable of being dressed up or down for anything from everyday wear, office-chic and fancy dinners. At Replay, we design with one key thing in mind: making denim that lasts. Our 'Try once, Replay for life' motto isn't just a clever tagline; it's our way of life, to design and craft jeans that you can live and look good in for decades to come.

With that in mind, we want to help you better understand your jeans and how to take care of them, so you can enjoy them until they're beyond repair. Here's our comprehensive guide to caring for your denim.

Replay denim care guideReplay denim care guide


Seems a little... backwards, right? In reality you should only wash your denim once every 10 wears at most if you want to help it maintain it's fit and prevent the fabric from shrinking. Spilled a little sauce or wine at dinner? Just use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush with a mild soap to remove stains.

Aside from helping to keep your denim in top condition, limiting the number of washes between wears is also much better for the environment. When it is time to throw your trusty pair into the machine, make sure to wash on cold, reduce the spin as much as possible, and line dry in the shade to help protect the cotton fibres.


No, we're not kidding! If you can't stand the thought of going 10 wears without washing your jeans, you can freshen them up by putting them in the freezer. The sub-zero temps will help kill off some of the nasty odour-producing bacteria, keeping your jeans, jacket, or denim shirt feeling fresher for longer.

If you're tight on freezer space or just aren't keen on keeping your jeans next to your Ben & Jerry's then throw your denim on your washing line and let them air out naturally. Always make sure to hang them inside out and in the shade to prevent fading.

Replay denim care guideReplay denim care guide

At Replay, we understand that denim is more than just a fabric - it's made for living in, and we've designed our jeans, denim jackets, shorts, skirts and shirts with that philosophy in mind; that the right denim can transform your wardrobe, your style and your life.

We live by a simple ethos, that denim can and should be a staple item in every wardrobe, one that not only makes you feel good but does good for our communities. From our luxury fabrics like the super stretchy Hyperflex and X.L.I.T.E. denim to our eco-conscious Re-Used range of recycled denim, Replay jeans are all crafted using organically grown non-GMO cotton, low-impact production methods and chemical-free treatments to help reduce our impact on the earth. Want to know more about our different styles and fits? Discover our most popular styles for both men and women, or visit our fit guide to find the right pair for you. After something to go with your new jeans? Browse our latest arrivals including men's shirts, women's tops, accessories and more.